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My Missing Piece

by Conner

All these years,
something hasn't been right,
A part of me has been missing,
and that part of me makes me write.

Just recently I found this piece,
and I know where it has been.
It was refusing to come out of me,
and chose to keep itself within.

Meeting you changed my life,
and I couldn't ask for anything more.
You brought out the best of me,
and made me better than I ever was before.

I know what the old me was like,
and that isn't how I want to be.
My true self has been hiding inside,
and when you showed up I was finally able to see.

When you came in my life,
I would have never thought you would have such an impact.
Now everyone sees me as new and improved,
because now my body is truly intact.

My puzzle is complete,
and I no longer have the feeling of blue,
because I finally realize,
that the missing piece was you.