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Forever Alone

by Sarah Christine

So much I have,
but so little at heart,
true love I seek,
tormented and torn apart,
so much to give,
from a heart so meek,
love wont let me in,
I am forever weak.
Strong on the surface,
the sorrow I hide,
the things I feel,
stay hidden inside.
Just when I think
I can let love show,
I get knocked down once again,
and the pain continues to grow.
To be loved for who I am
for me and what's real,
to be cared about so tenderly,
that's what I yearn to feel.
But here I am alone
in a world that's so cold,
no one to have
and no one to hold.
Desolate is the story of me,
alone and unloved,
is the life of me.