Read Love Poems


by Bryan

I look at you everyday,
On the picture by my bed.
Echoes from the past,
Keep running through my head.

My heart can't believe,
That you're gone.
Without your memories,
I'd be all alone.

People say that life's unfair,
No doubt it's the truth.
It seems that nobody cares,
About how much I still love you.

My friends tell me to move on,
And to forget about the past.
But my feelings are so strong,
And my love will forever last.

I'd die to touch you,
My sweet baby girl.
But I live so I can see you,
When I leave this lonely world.

Everywhere I look,
There you are, and I cry.
But the hard part is,
That I never said goodbye.

No matter where I look,
There you are, and I cry.
And the hard part is,
I never said goodbye.