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Late Night Drive Home

by Lost in Love

I called my girlfriend when I got off work
So I could stop by
I hadn't see her all day
I wanted to spend some time

I called her up and said hey baby
I'm off and I m going to come by
Ill be there as fast as I can
So I can come hold you tight

I could feel the smile in her face as she said
Okay I've missed you so much
I can't wait until your home
So I can feel your touch

I blew a kiss on the phone
Said I love you bye
Be careful I love you too
Was her reply

I hopped into the car
Stuck in the keys
Started up the engine
And popped in my favorite C.D.

I drive off from the parking lot
Got on the highway
I'm doing a little over 90
Not caring at all just singing away

I got off the exit
That is towards her house
Came up to the intersection
But I couldn't slow down

I pushed down on my brakes the best I could
But it was to late
My light had been red for a while
And the car was already coming my way

Smash right into the drivers' side
I wasn't wearing my seatbelt
So my body was tossed all around
And my head busted into the windshield

I could hear people screaming horns honking
And sirens in the back round
As I am in lying in my own blood
With my face against the ground

I tried to open my eyes
But my vision was all blurry
If only I would of slowed down
A little bit early

I could hear the EMS say
Their really is no hope for this man
I mean not even a little
Even if we did the best we can

I felt them pick me up
As they lifted me on the stretcher
I could barely breath barely move
I knew my life was over

Then all of a sudden I felt someone grab my hand
Then I heard a voice that I knew
And I heard her say through her tears
If you can hear me I love you

I could feel my heartbeat slow down
And it was getting harder for me to breath
I softly said
I'm sorry baby I ruined you and me

I ruined our future and all our plans
I'm sorry baby please understand
I love you with all my heart and always will
And don't ever quit always do the best you can

I'll be waiting for you in heaven
Watching over you every day
Just always keep me in your heart in your mind
And ill be your guardian angel every step of the way

And with my last gasping breath
I said to her I love you
And with her hand in mine
I slowly died and drifted off to a better view