Read Love Poems


by Morgan

I need to ask you something
So, please, don't be mad
Cause this relationship of ours
Isn't what we once had

If this is love
How come we fight
How come without you
I can't sleep at night

We scream, we yell
We call each other names
When we screw other people
The other casts the blame

We get jealous
I tend to cry
We feel betrayed
I say good bye

But every time I try
I always come back
Like being without you
There's something I lack

So I come back to you
Then leave once more
I say I hate you
And walk out the door

We hurt each other over and over
Till we're left there in pain
Then I can't keep you off my mind
With you, is it the same?

When I tell you good bye
Do you ever think it'll be the last
That I'll just move on
And put you in the past

Or do you think I'll come back
Like I always do
Because it's hard to get through a day
Being without you

So I'll try to kill myself
Become an angel up above
We cause each other so much pain
So is this really love?

This might be my last good bye
So show me one more time you care
Once again, make me believe
And I'll know this is love we share