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The Perfect Ending

by Sara

Every day that goes by..
Is another day of pain..
Wishing that I was with you..
A false hope it remains..

Oh god how I wish..
We weren't so far apart.
I'm getting tired of this longing..
That has taken over my heart..

I love you so much..
And yet I'm afraid..
That soon, is still far away..
And that my memory will fade..

You say that you can't wait..
And I hate that I'm not there..
I'm trying my best..
I hope you know that I care..

I would go through hell and back..
For just one touch from you..
To know your by my side..
I would make it through..

I've tried to remind myself..
That soon we will be together..
These weeks go by so slow..
Each day seems like forever..

I need to know you'll wait for me..
No matter how long it takes..
I know we've had our problems..
I've made a few mistakes..

If I have to give up everything..
Thats just what I will do..
Cause without you I am nothing..
Everything I am is you..

So don't worry about me forgetting..
Don't worry when I cry..
I'll never stop loving you..
I'll never say goodbye...

With you is where I want to be..
It would only be the beginning..
To love.. And be loved by you..
Would be the Perfect Ending.........

I love you Chris...