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Don't Think So

by Sherry Lynn

You called me late,
Last Sunday night,
My jaw hit the floor,
When you told me you want to come back
Yet once more.

I know I love you,
And darling I want you close,
But I still feel the pain,
From that hot June day.

You broke my heart,
Twice in a row,
Now you want a third chance,
Baby I don't think so.

I may be stubborn,
I want everything my way,
But this one time,
I have to simply walk away.

There's to much at stake,
I wish you could see that,
It's not my heart,
But we both have children involved.

I won't do it,
No, not again.
There's no way!
This time, I'm keeping
You at bay!

Baby, tell me one thing.
How does it feel,
To finally have someone tell you HELL NO!?