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Should Be Together

by DMG

Things were getting tough with this girl I knew.
I needed some comfort, and there were you two.
You both helped me through it, helped me fight.
Helped settle the tears that used to come with night.
One of you male, one of you female.
Together helped my pain stop coming down like hail.
During the year I'd built a friendship with one of you.
We grew so close, and lived so close too.
The other, well we didn't really hang till summer.
The whole year we should have been friends, what a bummer.
But now these two people are my two best friends,
And hopefully will be until all our ends.
But one thing still goes unfulfilled for me.
My two best friends, Virgo and Pisces.
Opposite zodiacs, but opposites attract.
Love is there, but the trust is lacked.
They belong together, they look good together.
They bring sunshine into each other's weather.
The past is the past, so leave it behind.
Listen to your heart rather than your mind.
Your mind's saying no, but your heart says yes,
And in my experience the heart knows best.
Look, we're only humans and mistakes occur.
And when hurt, he still felt in love with her.
So if you agree put your hand in the air.
These two belong together with this love they share.