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Too Shy

by Kevin J

Man, I wish that I wasn't so shy
Know why?
Because, then maybe you would be mine
You're fine!
I've been wanting you since past forever
Yet never..
Could I tell you and thats why I sigh:(

The best part of my day is you in it
The minute..
I hear your sweet voice my heart melts
I felt..
That God sent you hear just for me
You'd be..
The love of my life for infinite

Your body makes parts of me rise
So high..
That everything else seems to shrink
I think..
I'd soar to new heights from your kiss
Pure bliss..
Is what I see, when I see, your eyes

One day soon I will give it a try
And my..
Dream thought of you will come true
So true..
We'll be lover's and closest of friends
Till then..
I stand here in silence ..too shy