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What About Love?

by Amy

*But Mama,... I love him
You just don't understand
I know I'm just sixteen
But the wedding isn't planned

~He's just too old for you dear
I know you don't agree
You need to grow
I just wish you'd see

*We just like hanging out
He makes me feel safe
We have a lot in common
We're headed the same way

~Just hanging out
Can always lead to more
I know these things
I've been there before

*I know Mama
But I'm not ready yet
He agrees we'll wait
Since our love is eternally set

~I know you think it's love
But it very well may not be
He could just be in it for one thing
And after that he may set you free

*No Mama, he's not like that
He's gentle, caring and kind
He loves who I am and want to be
He's the best anyone can find

~People aren't always who they seem
I just don't want to see you hurt
It would kill me to see you
Being treated like dirt

*Mama, if you say I can't see him
I'll obey and be fine
I've loved you forever
And him just a short time

~I want nothing but your happiness
So, if he is what you want I'll learn to accept
I'll be by your side and pray
In the end it's your hearts you've kept.