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Yo te voy a amar

by Sarah Christine

When you think that
you can't go on,
when you feel
your world torn apart
count on me, I am the one.
The one that wants
to be your heart,
I'll pick you up
when you are down,
I'll be the one to smile and
take away your frown.
When the world brings
tears to your eyes,
and you are consumed
with hatred and lies,
I'll be your strength,
I'll be your light,
I'll see you through
the long lonely night.
I am the one
who'll give you my all.
holding my arms open wide,
should you choose to fall.
I am the one to be there
through thick and thin,
I'll pick up the scattered pieces,
and mend them together again.
To cherish a love,
so pure and so true
with everything that I am
yo te voy a amar,
this I promise you.