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Summer Rain Prt1

by Amy

We met one rainy day
The sun nowhere to be seen
Love at first sight
At only Seventeen

My body was drenched
From skin to bone
I stood in the warm rain
Shivering alone

Our eyes met & locked
I couldn't tear my gaze away
And i fell in love
That warm, rainy day

And he took my hand
Asked me to dance
My heart skipped a beat
And i took the chance

He pressed against me
Our wet bodies felt as one
As we danced in the rain
Something amazing had begun

As a strand of hair
Fell across my face
He brushed it away
And locked me in his embrace

I stared into his eyes
So intense and warm
Sparkling with life
As he held me in the storm

He gave me a pink rose
And i blushed and smiled
Thinking this must be a dream
All the while

He leaned in so slowly
And out soft lips met
To this very day
I have no regrets

He led me carefully
To the park across the street
And we layed together
Listening to our hearts beat

We made love right there
Under the shadowy trees
As the rain poured down
The wind whispered in the breeze

I drifted into sleep
So safe in his arms
Knowing with him
I was safe from harm

When i awoke
He was already gone
I felt my heart shatter
Broken and torn

The only thing i had left
To remind me he was real
Was that fragile pink rose
And how he made me feel

I found love so quickly
And it disappeared just as fast
Now hes a unknown figure
Fallen victim to the past

I tried to find him
For so many years
But without a name
He had disappeared

Ill never forget
His lips upon mine
A love like his
Is impossible to find

So here i stand now
In the pouring rain
Hoping the droplets
Might wash away my pain

I take out my knife
And tear it across
My blood hits the pavement
I feel so lost

I met him on day
Just like this
In this very spot
Is where we first kissed

I'm falling now
My head hits the ground
As the rain washes away blood
Emptiness Ive found

My vision is fading
Not much time left now
I wish i could see him
But i don't know how

Suddenly i feel
Someone touch my hand
They're mouth is moving
But i don't understand

He looks so familiar
Like someone i used to know
Something about his touch
Makes me shiver from head to toe

And still in my hand
I clutch that pink summer rose
Where it came from
Only me and him know

The pain gets worse
Now I'm fading fast
He begs me to hold on
But i know i cant last

So here i lay
Dying and in pain
Where i met my true love
In the warm, summer rain