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Saving Me For You

by Katie McCullick

I know I must be in love when...

I get lost in the eyes
that captured my heart.
Our hearts are connected,
and never to part.
A touch or your lips,
causes my mind to race.
I want to stay
and never leave this place.
My mind stops controlling,
where my thoughts wander,
and every thought of the future
I stop to ponder.
The butterflies in my stomach,
comes with every kiss,
And also when your gone,
when I think of all I miss.
I love all these feelings,
I get them from you.
I start to think,
of everything I long to do.
But I know that I must wait,
for I love you this much,
to save my self for you,
after marriage comes the touch.
So I'll wait for the day,
that I say I do,
and I'll be filled with joy,
that I saved me for you.