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Holding On

by Brian John

I had this girl wishing
We would get to kissing
I had to tell her
"Impossible, keep wishing.
Better sit and listen?

The woman I love makes me tremble and shiver,
She looks me in the eyes and I can only deliver
My heart, my soul, and my trust,

Because her energy hits me with a smile or laugh,
Her voice sends shivers to my toes and back
Even if she stays quiet in the crowd,
I can look to her and feel proud

Just to know her, and to see
The way eyes light up when she comes into the room
The way she makes love to the tune
When she is dancing

Few have heard it but she can sing.
When I heard her in the shower,
It made me cry.
I still remember all the reasons why

I love her. I love her, though she left me,
I am praying. I am praying that she will let me
Be her friend until the end,
And be my friend too, Please be my friend too.

It's okay, she does not need to,
I still walk proud, Talk loud, And try to stay true
Stay true to my self, True to my self
True to my dreams, And by all means

You know that you should not be offended
I know that I said it ended
But I don't want to let go,
And I don't know how.
I just want her back,
And I want her back now

I won't let go,
Don't want to know how
I won't let go,
And if you try to show me how
I won't let go,
I'll think you are lying
I am so sad that I feel like crying

Is it so bad that I feel like crying?
Love her so bad, I don't feel like trying
To move on, Get my groove on, Take a chance
Cause my heart is empty:
Feet don't want to dance
Eyes don't want to see,
Lies in front of me,
I trust nobody.

I feel sad, sad and empty,
Worse still is when God tries to tempt me
With a beautiful woman like yourself,
And I feel nothing."