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Blink of an eye

by MissGem

You took away my emptiness
picked me up from the floor
gathered my shattered pieces
from the pain I felt before

you opened up my eyes
and I fell in love with you
we were so happy
you fell in love with me too

everything was perfect
this was your third chance
I knew we would be careful
cause it would be your last

things just got better
thought it'd be okay
it happened so quickly
but it was the longest day

you kissed her
and she told me
my head was spinning
how could this be

how could this happen
after all we went through
you were so unhappy
when I wasn't with you

and we were fixing things
but you ruined it all
no more morning kisses
or sweet goodnight calls

it is now over
and there's nothing I can do
my heart is broken
all because of you

and I feel so ugly
it's just too much pain
I gotta learn to live without you
and you shall do the same

I know that you love me
you didn't mean to get caught
it was your first time
didn't give it much thought

now because of you
we can never love each other
our book is closed
only exposing the cover

I hope that your happy
and you'll get what you deserve
and hey if you get nothing
that's just what you've earned

take a good look
and realise what you've lost
boy it is over
now you've paid the cost.