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Maybe Baby It's You...

by Eibutsina

Sometimes I wonder how I got here
What helped me overcome those fears?
How was it that I managed to stay strong?
After everything stand up and keep moving on
See I thought I was receiving guidance from above
Aiding me in my quest to learn to love
For a moment I stepped away from what I thought I knew
And considered that maybe baby it's you.

All the times life's road was tragic and rough
Took its toll on me when times were tough
So many times I wanted to run and disappear
Instinct has compelled me to stay right here
From all these dramas, these trials and this strife
I would find my belonging and meaning to life
Some unfinished business for me to do
I think now that maybe baby it's you.

The sudden love of life I have found
Acceptance of what goes up must come down
A glowing smile on my face each day
A confident belief in myself and what I portray
Internal happiness and a hidden pride
A feeling of warmth and contentment inside
I believed in my life such a happiness to be untrue
But maybe my baby it's you.

What has made these thoughts of mine change?
How can my feelings so drastically change
This love for life hasn't come from nowhere
Where did I get this urge and willingness to care?
Who has given me this endless smile on my face?
And burnt into my heart their special place
I realised now what deep down I always knew
Maybe baby it's always been you!