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The Letter He Left For Me

by Ann Stareyes

We are never promised tomorrow
This I've learned for sure
I lost my Love
God wanted him to take the grand tour.

When that trooper knocked on my door
My heart dropped and I instantly knew
My Love had left me
And I'd forever be blue.

As the year went by
There was something I had to do
Find the courage to go thru his things
This I didn't want to do.

In the nightstand on his side of the bed
I found a letter he had wrote.

To the Love of My Life....
God has already told me
My days are numbered
But before I go
There's some things I need you to know.
You have always been the love of my life
That's why I choose you for my wife.
A heart that loved me
A heart that was true
A heart that we hoped would never be blue.
I didn't want to leave
But I had to go
Forever I'll Love you
And this I will always know.
You have always been my everything
You brought me happiness and never pain
Forever I'll Love you Sweetie
And I'll wait in Heaven for you.
Don't grieve for me
Live life and be happy
This is what I want for you.

As I read this
My tears fell like rain
How can I let go
When there's so much pain.

My reply to him:
My Darling
I'll see you in heaven one day
Still Loving you that same special way
Wait for me at the pearly gate
There we'll be reunited
For the rest of our days.