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Endless Crush!

by Jennifer Fox or Jackson

Your eyes are what pulled me in
drawing me always in close
but those dimples on your cheeks
is what I always liked the most.

The smile on your face
made me always want to melt.
I wish you only knew
of how I really felt.

Your teasing had my attention
for I always teased you back
for hearing you laugh aloud
is what sometimes you had lacked.

You brighten up my days
when you try your hardest just to make me smile
because it is always then I know of how much you notice
and when I haven't smiled in awhile.

I wish I could be with you
because your always on my mind
you are in all of my thoughts
and because of you I am able to make this poem rhyme.

So I wait here
waiting for you to make the first move
hoping you will ask me out
and hoping sometime soon.

(To My Endless Crush!)