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Happy Valentine : This Mistake of Mine

by ntv650

With a face that glows,
A voice that sings,
With hands that caress,
And eyes that beam,
You enter the room and smile at me.

I watch you, my eyes wide in awe,
Catching my breath as you glide along the floor,
You speak little, but say all the more.
A lady of such magic that my eyes are sore,
So fair and so fine!
That I tremble when I ask...will you be my Valentine?


With a face that lingers,
A voice that screams,
With hands that scar,
And eyes that cant dream ,
You enter the room and command me.

I hate you, and these eyes that you ignore,
Watching your step as you stride along the floor,
You speak too much, but it means nothing at all.
A lady of such darkness that my eyes are raw,
So evil and such a lie!
That Im glad to say at long last...Im happy your not mine!