Read Love Poems


by Alya

Hear Love, My Love,
I talk to you.
But words are weak
They'd not come through.
A thousand years
I waited for you,
And ten times as much.
I did, and I do.
Bound by spell,
Bound by heart...
Ten thousand years
After we part.
I know you are scared
Of feelings and pain.
I know that you think
It all is in vain.
My Love, sweet Love,
Don't fight what is true.
From sky above
It is sent to you.
Like butterfly,
My Love, you flee,
And turn your soul,
And back on me.
You push away,
You want to hurt.
Your silence is worse
Than any word.
By my free will
I set you free.
Flee Love, My Love.
So mote it be.