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Ended love

by Kaleigh

I guess its cool that you don't care
About all the feelings I have shared
Every word I said was true
And I said it cause I love you

Yes I love you so deep it hurts
So deep inside a pain that bursts
And when I try as hard as I can
I don't need a boy I need a man

A man that truly cares for me
And be the way its meant to be
But if you cant live up to that
How the hell am I supposed to act

A stupid boy who is your friend
Means more to you then I depend
What happened to the way you were
Before this pain that you made hurt

Whats wrong with me, why don't you care
Things are more then I can bare
I guess I expected more of you
What happened to the love I knew was true

I guess things happen for a reason
I guess I?m wrong when its you I?m needin
If you weren't the way you are
If you didn't act distant and far

Maybe I wouldn't be a b itch
And against my friends I used to ditch
I used to think of you as something more
But now your just a guy outside my door

You used to mean the world to me
The way I said it would always be
And I do still love that one guy
That one person that was inside

The one who used to be there always
Through the hours that make the days
The one I loved to make me smile
The one I thought was worth my while

But I guess my heart was wrong, my mind right
No matter how long I held you tight
This love would come to its end
Even though i know it now but not back then