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Water Ways

by FTS Miles

She scryed from my gaze
And smiled thoughtfully
As if with secret sight.
Then she whispered
With warm blown words
"You are like water,
Dearheart, mine."

I chuckled wondering
What it was she saw,
But her eyes held
Enough invitation.
I cascaded softly onto her
Thigh belly breast,
Eroding her resolve
To simply gaze at her
Reflection in my pool of eye.
I swept about her
Sighing arcing vessel,
Tongue and breath
A gentle bath of neck and lip,
Until my washing waves
Had carried her far
From liquid introspections.
Amidst her comfort and
Cool cooing sighs,
She challenged mocking,
"And what if you were fire?"
I could only sparkle,
A flame of enthusiasm
Catching hot upon her....