Read Love Poems


by FTS Miles

"After yelling sit, what did you say?"
The man chuckled and explained.
"You said WHAT?!"
He nodded and continued.
"So what did she do?"
He answered... I gasped.
"What did YOU do?"
He smirked.
OK... that was self-explanatory...
"And the cat ran?"
He nodded again,
Took a puff from his pipe,
And went on...
"I can't believe it!"
But I silenced myself and listened more...
"So the dog got the cat in the end?"
He muttered "uh-huh"
While adjusting his pipe.
"And she went where with you?"
He responded and I guffawed....

And thus ended the tale of
The Man, the Woman,
His dog, her cat,
And the cue stick.
Sometimes you just have to be there....