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So confused, i want you back

by nikki

I don't know what to do now
I feel so confused now
I just wish I knew how
I feel like such a stupied cow

I don't know if I love you
or if I want you back
but something tells me that I do
weres the sense in that

I don't know why it ended
or exactly what I felt
or if you'll even have me back
what a hand I've delt

but I do know that I need you
that I need you here with me
I think I need your help
your help to set me free

I miss your arms around me
I miss the fact you cared
I threw away the best thing I had
this just isn't fair

if I told you how I felt
would you laugh right in my face
or would you tell me that you felt the same
and hold my hand, fingers laced

I just want what we had
because I know that it was great
I can't promise you that I am sure
I can't promise your my fate

just hold me now and I'll be right
if you never let me go
but what if I change my mind
I guess I'll never know