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My Love

by Kayla Sonya Dearing

Holding Hands,
Walking on the beach
Watching the sun set
Knowing that you love me

Everywhere we go
We spend time together.
Never wanting to let go
Know that I love you.

My love
For you is the best thing I have.
My love
For you makes my life.

Know that I can depend on you.
That you're always going to help me.
Be with me for life.
Our love will keep us strong.

You're my best friend
The one I want to be with.
The one I love.
The one that I want to be with for life.

Knowing that I'm the only one for your eyes.
That your heart belongs to me.
I'm the one for you.
That you love me for me.

Hearing the words "I love you"
Makes me want to cry.
Not being with you.
Makes me pray.

You came into my life
As a helping hand.
Spending time together
Made me love you.

Your tender touch
Makes me weak.
Your tender voice
Makes me happy.

When I'm with you
The time stops
And my world spins around.
And I'm happy.

But when I'm away from you
The time flies
And I'm sad and lonely.
The would stops spinning.

I hope you can see my love
The light you have given me.
The dreams that I have.
The tears you have taken away

The pain you have taken away
The life you have given me
I given my dreams to you.
Made room for you in my future.

Caring all the pain
I had was impossible.
But you came along
And made it all possible.

Took the weight off of me
And took it on you
Wanting to spend your life with me

I hope you understand
My love for you
My love for us
My dreams for us
And All of
My love.