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Heart At Stake

by LeAnNe

No truer words could I speak,
When I say I've never felt this way.
My heart jumps when I hear your voice,
And the caring things you say.

I've known you for so short a time,
And yet it feels like for ever.
No one can compare to you.
It feels so right to be together.

But even though I feel this way,
I can't help but to hold back.
I know in my heart how I feel,
But my mind is out of whack.

I know that I can think too much,
Or sometimes not enough.
I wish that I could change my ways,
But it really is quite tough.

Sometimes I wonder how I'd feel,
If we were just friends for a while.
But that thought vanishes at your voice,
And all I can do is smile.

But hidden still, in my mind,
Is that annoying, nagging fear.
The one that makes realize,
You might not always be here.

So I'm so afraid to let you in,
I'm so afraid to care.
I'm so afraid to think that maybe,
One day you won't be there.

But I think what scares me most of all,
Is how much I really like you.
You seem to understand me so well,
In such a short amount of time too.

So I'm sorry for how I act sometimes,
And how I hesitate a lot.
But it's only because I think too much,
About all these thoughts I've got.

I don't want you to think that I,
Want us to "take a break".
I just need you to understand,
I hate how my heart's at stake.