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My Heart Will Always Want You

by LoStLiLaZnGurL

I remember that time
when the stars were bright
the sea was peaceful
i love what happened that night

i held your hand
as we walked on the shore
you kissed my lips
i cant possibly ask for more

we sat on a rock
and you told me you love me
i knew i loved you back
and this you can see

i smiled at you
and you smiled back
we loved each other
i thought this was a fact

again we kissed each other
it felt so real
it felt like magic
and this is how i feel

we were together
but this suddenly disappeared
when i opened my eyes
it was what i feared

it was all a dream
so i suddenly cried
that would never happen
no matter how hard i tried

i miss you so much
but it just couldn't be true
i knew in just a moment
my heart will always want you