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Love Is Like a....

by Saravana Kumar S

Love is like a music to the ears,
a courage that takes away the fears,
a sun that brightens up a painful day,
a friend that will walk all the way...

Love is like a star in the sky,
a shoulder to lean when you cry,
a mother that consoles with her love,
an angel that god has sent from above...

Love is like a ripple in the water,
a honey that makes our life sweeter,
a tree that will always give shade,
a memory that will never fade...

Love is like a bird in the sky,
a soul that leaves only when we die,
a shadow that will always come with you,
a prayer that makes our dreams come true...

Love is like a gateway to heaven,
a gift for us that god has given,
a heartbeat that will never stop,
a happiness that will never drop...