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Should I?

by hayley williams

I have spent years
Dreaming of him
I loved him enough
To never give in

I lost so many guys
I only wanted one
I waited so long
So I became undone

I believed in him
He ruled my heart
He held the power
To tear me apart

He lives far from me
In fact miles away
I thought of him
Every single day

He finally returned
He has someone new
I am so confused
Don't know what to do

He wants to be friends
So I sit here crying
While gradually inside
I can feel myself dying

This wasn't the plan
I have waited for this
Not for friendship
But to feel his long kiss

What is it about her
That keeps him from me
This cant be happening
Wasn't meant to be

Should I keep waiting
Or is it time to let go
Someone please help me
Because I just don't know