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I'll Be Loving You

by Toni

You don't have to say a word
You don't even have to speak
I can see pain in your eyes
The sorrow that you keep

You think that no one notices
The sadness that you hide
But I can see straight through your mask
Those lonely nights you cried

I know that painful way you smile
When you're dying alone inside
Laughing, joking all the while
I can see how hard you've tried

And when you're lying on your bed
Every lonely night
I know you struggle not to cry
Or give up the will to fight

All those times you called out in your sleep
I heard every single one
You wanted to find that special place
The place where you belong

Now we've found that place together
I just want you to know
That depression will never break us apart
Our love will only grow

I've seen your pain now for so long
You no longer have to hide
I will stick by you forever
Always by your side

And when you call out in despair
I will come to you
I will stay there by your bed
Helping you pull through

I know those people ran away
Not knowing what to do
But I will never run from your pain
Because, darlin' I love you

T xxx