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Was It Real?

by Jesi

I need to talk, are you there?
All these feelings, I can't bare.

I'm so confused and stressed out,
So overwhelmed, and full of doubt.

I told him I loved him, and heard the same back,
Now I just wonder, was it some kinda wack?

I believed it was true, he loved and he cared,
Then all of a sudden, our relationship snared.

I couldn't get how, I didn't know why,
All I could do was, just there and cry.

I hoped and I prayed that we'd be okay,
That maybe, just maybe, we'd be together someday.

Things got better, but still not the same,
Why does it seem, like love's just a game?

I thought we'd marry I thought he was it,
Then hard as a rock, everything hit.

What's going on? Why am I confused?
It seems like my heart, is being torn and abused.

Why am I jealous, when he calls her on the phone?
When he's talking to her oh why, do I feel so alone?

Why does my heart break, time after time?
Why does still liking him, feel like a crime?

I don't know what to do, my heart still feels the same.
If I tell him how I feel, will he think that I'm lame?

Are my feelings for him still genuine and true?
Yes, yes, they are, and that's just a clue.

To tell him what I think, and tell him how I feel.
That my love for him will always, be unchanging and so real.