Read Love Poems


by hayley williams

If I told you how I feel for you
Would you welcome the news
I do not know whether to tell you
Because I have so much to lose

I could not handle the rejection
Of being told im not good enough
Even though lately I have got stronger
I do not think I will ever be that tough

To know that I have spent years
Loving you with all my heart
Just a few words from your mouth
Could tear my whole world apart

But can I live through my life
Knowing that you never even knew
How much love I have inside
Or how often I have dreamed of you

When I dream late at night
You tell me that you feel the same
Running your fingers through my hair
All while whispering my name

Slowly peeling off our clothes
As you push me down slowly on the bed
Hands desperately seeking each other
But this time no words need to be said

But then I wake up and reality calls
and I realize that you are not here
knowing that you may never be
fills my whole body with fear

I am stuck with a constant dilemma
Finding the right answer is so hard
Should I keep this all locked up
Or is it finally time to let down my guard

If I tell you and you feel the same
Then I will for once feel complete
But it you run away from my love
I will have to admit to defeat