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Never Or Forever

by hayley williams

I promised myself so many times
That I would never let you back in
I knew my heart would not survive
If I let you get back under my skin

It was so easy to believe back then
Before you decided to return to me
I thought my heart was stronger
But the truth I just could not see

You will always have the power
To knock my every guard down
You tell me that you will be here
Then later in my tears I drown

You realize that you cannot stay
Yet again shattering my world
Just when I learn to believe in you
Again you turn everything cold

You ask me to put my trust in you
Because this time you will stay
Before I have made that mistake
And had to watch you walk away

I cannot take this pain anymore
Losing you shatters my heart
I am so happy when I'm with you
But so often you pull me apart

You need to make a commitment
Or risk losing me altogether
I will not play these stupid games
It's either not at all or forever