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Angel Of Mine

by hayley williams

You took my hand in yours
And guided me through the rain
Always there when I needed you
Your love overpowered my pain

I thought I would never be happy
Until you taught me how to smile
Helped me fight off my demons
And made living life worthwhile

You turned on the light switch
In a world I could only see black
And whenever things went wrong
You quickly pulled me back on track

I tried so many times to push you
To test if your love would stay
But every time you moved closer
Proving that you would not go away

At times I was so evil to you
Even days that I made you cry
But still you remain true to me
And I could never understand why

You tell me that you love me
Unconditionally until the day you die
And you will be here forever
For you never plan on saying goodbye

I know that I am a very lucky girl
Because you showed me how to love
A perfect angel sent into my life
From beyond the stars above