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I think I'm falling for you

by Maegan

I push myself away
I don't want feel
It freaks me out that
My feelings might be real

I think I'm falling for you
I need to rest my head
I never thought I would like you
Until they pronounced me dead

And look at me now
I'm watching from afar
My brain is jumbled to pieces
And my thoughts are so bizarre

Don't tell me that I like you
I convinced my heart I wouldn't
And every time I see you
I remind myself I shouldn't

But here I am waiting
For you to get online even though
Every time you ask me out
I know I will decline

But this is what upsets me most
You're inside of my dreams too
Its like I can't go anywhere
Without thinking about you

In my dreams it's different
No cares no worries no pain
We just sit there and talk
No need to explain

You haunt my thoughts
Posses my dreams
And still I won't admit
To the feelings I've seen

Leave me alone
And yet hold me close
All these things I have to feel
Are scaring me the most

help me