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Unrequited Love

by Tiffany Marie

Watching you from a distance,
Wishing you would look over this way,
Maybe I should come talk to you,
But what would I say?

When ever I hear your voice,
Or when I see your face,
My heart skips a beat,
And then it starts to race.

I led myself yo believe,
That you were my Mr. Right,
I let myself think of you,
Every day and night.

We have only talked online,
But we go to the same school,
Are you too shy to talk to me?
Or am I just not good enough for you?

I thought that we could at least be friends,
But you only shoved me away,
You acted like I was invisible,
But I was there, plain as day.

I have sent you emails,
I have written you letters,
I have done all that I can,
To make you see how I feel.

I am done with this for now,
But I still need to know how you feel,
Because it is you that I want,
And it is your heart that I want to steal.