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Heart break

by Kaleigh

I don't know the right words to say this but here goes

Why do I love you
If I only get your love half the time
Why is it when I’m hurt
You think everything is fine

Times I need you the most
It seems you’re never there
It’s like even when we touch
You don’t even care

Is it normal
To feel my heart breaking
Was it real love
Or for all this time have you been faking

I wish I could be your world
The only thing you would ever want
But I guess my mind mistakes you
For something that your not

People think I’m stupid
But I don’t think I could ever leave you
My heart just won’t do it
And for you my love is true

Its killing me inside
For every time we fight
I don’t know why
But you’re all I think of when I cry

I know I’m stupid for waiting
Until you break my heart completely
But when you do
Maybe you’ll realize how much you need me

Why do I cry over you
You’re just a guy
No matter how I try to convince myself
For some reason it still hurts inside