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Accidental Love

by Daniel Ward

You are my good friend,
as I am yours too,
and like I have always said,
I will forever be there for you.
but something has happened,
and things have started to change,
'cause even though you are my friend,
my feelings are now strange.
I did not mean for it to happen,
but I accidentally fell in love with you,
and I want so much to be with you,
as this life we go through.
I do not want to see you hurt,
as I myself have been so much,
I want you to be forever happy,
and to show you my caring, loving touch.
I want to hold you close to me,
and keep you from Life's harms,
I want to feel your body pressed against mine,
and the love from being held in your arms.
I wish you would say yes,
to the desire I know you feel too,
I felt it in the way we danced,
for you there is nothing i would not do.
but you would rather not give in,
you do not want to risk the pain,
so I have to love you as your friend,
and cry alone in the rain.
if you ever change your mind,
I will always be waiting for your love,
for now I will just dream of you,
as the rain falls from above.