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I love you so much...

by Jend

I love you so much and that's true
There's nothing in this world greater than you.
And baby, I will not find anybody else,
To be in my heart and take your place.

I love you so much and that's a fact
And I will show it, just keep on track.
Believe in me baby and you'll see
The love your searching for you'll find in me.

I love you so much and that's forever,
I will cherish you and forget you never.
And baby, all the sweet things we had in the past,
Will always remain here in my heart.

I love you so much and that's for sure,
because I have never felt this way before.
And I am so blessed when you gave your love, baby
Until now and then all my happiness just won't fade.

I love you so much so you do not have to wonder,
your love makes me high and feel so well.
And baby, I want to be with you all the time,
To feel your hugs and kisses showing you're mine.