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Me without you

by Kaleigh

Love without a meaning
A touch without a feeling
More then what it’s seeming
A murder without killing

Time without a moment
A breath without thee air
Remember but don’t know it
A love with no care

A week without the days
Eyes without the color
A direction without ways
Love without a lover

People without a face
Words without the letters
A mouse without a maze
Best without the better

Hands without a touch
A smile without a face
A lot without a bunch
A smell without a taste

A heart without a beat
A song that’s never sung
Saying without speaking
Winning but not won

Thinking without a thought
Seeing without eyes
Catching but not caught
Not the truth but not lies

A rodeo without clowns
A sunset without a sun
Tears without a frown
Finished but never done

All these things amount
To one thing that’s true
Something that I found
When I am without you