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My Dream Girl...

by Saravana Kumar S

She is troubling me in my dreams every night,
she is holding onto my heart really very tight,
Slowly and slowly she is getting into my heart,
i can't stop her,i guess she is really very smart.

Everytime she gives me a smile,i seem to get lost,
in my dreams hoping this feeling should forever last,
she has everything that i all ever wanted,
ever since in my dreams,i began to get haunted.

The way her lips move when she begins to talk,or
the way her hair's flutter as she starts to walk,
Everything about her is nothing short of heavenly beauty,
to love her as long as i live will always be my duty.

she is so beautiful that i can't take my eyes off her,
everywhere i turn around,she always seems to be there,
Like an angel riding on those white horses she came,
straight into my heart and wrote my heart in her name.

She doesn't seem anymore a stranger to my heart,
she always seemed to be my girl from the start,
it looks like god has created her out of my dreams,
to be with me for all eternity it seems...

She has decorated my dreams with sweetest of thoughts
that so many people desire with their young hearts,
if the feelings i have for her in my heart are real,
then she has to be the god sent "My Dream Girl..."