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Risking It All

by butterfly ♥ kisses

Should I tell you how I feel?
Can I ever make you mine?
Or will our friendship
Keep your heart at bay?
Should I cross that line?

If I do, I can't go back
To the way things were before.
Me, alone in the ocean.
You, never going beyond the shore.

I long to feel your arms around me.
Your lips upon my lips.
Will my restless heart ever cease
If I manage to tell you
What my soul insists?

I feel if I don't tell you,
You'll never be able to know
How much I will love you.
And the pain of keeping it inside.
Something I've never showed.

So I ask you
My friend, my dream.
Do you love me the way I love you?
Do you believe?

You're the man I want in my life.
No questions asked.
Your calming voice through storm and strife.
And the shadows that forecast.

If you're not willing to take that chance.
These feelings you don't return,
At least you'll know where I stand.
For true love must be learned.