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I Love.......

by Samantha Mae

I love you so much
Without you my life is a nightmare
I love the way you love me too
and how you’re always there

I love the way you make me laugh
and how you’ve never (purposely) made me cry
I love the way you always care
and that for me you would die

I love your goofiness
and how you always know how to make me smile
I love the way I love you
and how I know that this is worth while

I love the way you hold me
Even when I don’t look my best
I love how you say I’m beautiful
More beautiful than all the rest

I love how you’re so care free
and don’t care what people think
I love how when were together
You can always use a little kink (lol just playin’ )

I love how you don’t judge me
and I can always be myself
I don’t have to be fake with you
and act like someone else

I love how I know
that we'll be together forever
at least that's what I hope
No matter where or whenever

Of all these things I love about you
The thing I love most of all
Is how I know you’ll always be there
To catch me when I fall