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Keep Your Promise And Dont Let Go

by Lost in Love

This should have shown you
Time and time again
That I’m here to stay
As a lover and your friend

You shut me down
And closed the door
Then opened it back up
I’m standing here like before

Answer me this question
Should I have hope?
Or just not worry about it
And let my heart lead me where I need to go

But you know what’s so funny
Every time you let my heart lose
It brings me back to the one it belongs to
It brings me back to you

I’m lost without you
Please come make me found
Promise me that if I fall back
You will be there when I turn around

I trust you with all my heart and soul
I give you my love, my trust, my faith
Hoping that when it came down to the end
You are in my arms with a smile on your face

All I want is one chance, one smile, one cry, one hope
One laugh and just one time
One moment that I can hold you in my arms
See the smile in your face and not the tears in your eyes

You told me you left
Because you didn’t want to hurt me
Well then think about it
It hurts me more when you leave

I want to be able to see
The smile in your face the twinkle in your eyes
I want to be able to taste
Your lips on mine

So take my hand
And never let it go
Promise me in my arms
You will stay close