Read Love Poems


by Kayla

I cant stop thinking about you.
I don't know what you do,
but I love it.
You're amazing.
You're words are sooth& calming.
I take what you say to heart.
you don't know what you mean to me.
We've had our problems,
but I still want you.
Your smile gets me every time.
When I look in your eyes,
I fall all over again.
I love everything about you.
Your not like every guy.
I don't know if you feel,
the way I do.
I don't wanna get hurt again.
I'm scared to fall for you,
And you not be there to catch me.
I don't want to be just friends.
I want more!
I cant stop thinking about you,
or dreaming about you.
Do you think about me?
Or are you playing games?
Don't hurt me, thats all i ask.
Be honest.
I will fall, only if
you promise to catch me!