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I Want You

by Amy

I want to tell you
All the things I’m afraid to say
And that I think about you
Every second of the day

I want to be there for you
When your sad and upset
Listen to your problems
And try and make you forget

I want to make you laugh
Because your smile lights up my heart
But one thing I don’t want
Is for us to be apart

I want to lay in your arms
And stay up all night
Beneath the softly lit sky
Beneath the stars so bright

I want to feel your kiss
So tender and sweet
I want to lay so close to you
That I can hear your heart beat

I want you to touch me
Let your hands wander everywhere
Into your deep blue eyes
I just want to stare

I want to whisper in your ear
Sweet nothings as we kiss
To feel you inside me
A moment of pure bliss

I want to tell you I love you
And hear you say you love me too
But most of all
I just want you