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I wish I knew what to do!

by Jennifer Fox or Jackson

I like you so much
but I'm unsure of what to do
because my stomach tightens up
every time I think of you.

It makes me so nervous
every time I stand at your side
it makes me become speechless
forcing my feelings to hide.

Every time I see you
my heart skips a beat
your smile makes me melt
its what turns up the heat.

It scares me sometimes
knowing that liking you could hurt
because when there's like, there's love
and the guy I loved before, treated me like dirt.

My minds all twisted up
I just don't want another broken heart
its what makes me feel so scared
its what makes me not want a new start.

I liked you for the longest time
its what makes me go out of my mind
do you like me the way I like you
I wish I knew of what to do.

Words are the hardest thing to come up with
its what makes me not know what to say
I take the longest time thinking it through
and end up messing up things anyway.

I just feel so insecure
with how I feel about you
because my feeling for you are enormous
and it makes me not know what to do.

It makes me second guess
deciding whether or not I should be with you
because I know you could do better then me
and you probably think that to.

I'm telling you
that this is making me go out of my mind
I think about you constantly
I think about you all the time.

I wish I knew of what to do
I wish I knew why I always think of you
I wish God would tell the right way to go
I wish I knew how to let my feeling for you show!