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My first love

by ~*~TeRrIfIeD~*~

You were my first love
you say i was yours too
i will never love another
the way i loved you

the way you kissed
the way you held me tight
the way you stroked my hair
even our big huge fights

we had our moments
but every relationship does
we only ever fought
to save our true love

you no ill always love you
for the rest of my many years
and every now and then
i may still cry your tears

we were together for 3 years
and them i will never forget
because everything i did
i did without regret

everything for a first time
and i was so scared
but I'm glad i did it all with you
because i know how much you cared

but no-ones first love lasts forever
no matter how much we try
we've had our laughs smiles and giggles
and our frowns arguments and cries

I'm glad my experiences were safe
and i can finally say i did love you
i know i always will
because all of what we went through

we had something special
and your always be in my heart
but now I'm sorry to say
but i think were better off apart