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Cursed Blessing

by Allen

It is a blessing that you’re my friend
I pray this friendship shall never end
You were there for my ups and downs
My heart felt cuts you did mend

It is a curse that you’re my friend
I fear this bond we have will one day bend
The day when I reveal my love for you
It might just be the day our journey ends

My blessing is my curse
I curse this blessing from above
My curse is my blessing
For this curse is my heart felt love

I pray my love will one day be a blessing
That warms your heart and soul
I will be there to kiss away your tears
My heart I will give you in whole

I pray my love will one day be a curse
That casts away my despair
A curse that binds our hearts together
A curse of tender loving and care

My curse is really a blessing
For this love I have is true
My blessing is really a curse
For my heart longs for only you