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Your First

by Manda

You always remember,
The first one you told,
That you'd love forever.

First love is the best,
Even better than the rest,
Until it's over,
And you have no lover.

It feels like there are no worries,
But all those stories,
About it ending,
Keep on sending,
You these awkward messages.

Why when you are so young,
Love seems so fun,
Bet yet it causes so much pain,
And causes you to feel so vain?

First love fools all,
Because you fall,
And can't get up.

Your heart feels so warm,
Until the storms,
Are brought in,
Along with pain and sufferin.

You deny,
All that your told,
"He would never lie!"
You scold.

It hurts worse,
When you discover you're wrong,
And that all along,
They were right.

The sight,
Of him with her,
Makes different feelings stir.

No longer do you feel love,
But only hurt and undying sorrow,
But there's always tomorrow,
To drain your sorrow.